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Game Play

Basically, your goal is to keep your heroes alive after killing all of the enemies. You need to match the items in the game board to make your heroes attack. The longer the chain you make (in straight, diagonal, horizontal lines), the stronger the heroes attack. In one battle, you need 4 heroes at the same time to fight with the enemies. After the battle, your heroes will lose their stamina and need time to recover before taking a new battle.
Typically, the game's flow requires you to fight in battles, win, and get rewards such as HES, Hero experience, etc to purchase things or upgrade heroes.
Campaign Matches

Hero Upgrade

In order to upgrade a hero, you have to win the campaigns and use the HES token. The more upgraded heroes are, the more strength and power they have. However, the subsequent upgrade will cost more than the previous ones.
Hero Level Upgrade

Hero Awaken

Note: Awaken mechanism is currently disabled.
Hero's strength will depend on their rarity, and how many times they are upgraded. However, once the hero reaches the level limit, you will need to use the “awaken system” to help him break the limitation. To awaken the hero, you will have to use the token “HER”.
This mechanism helps maintain the hero’s supply power and reduces the hero’s inflation rate and in-game inflation. Thus, the economy in the game always has a balance mechanism between the player and the number of heroes generated.
When you awaken your hero, you will be rewarded with a Hero Shard (HRS).

Fused Hero

The purpose of launching this feature is to help prevent hero inflation. To increase the quota or HES Bonus received for each hero, you need to use the fused feature. When you fuse hero A into hero B, all remaining quota of hero A will be transferred to hero B. Fused heroes are low-level, weak heroes that you don't want to use anymore. You can:
(1) Choose them from available heroes
(2) Buy them from the market
The hero that received the above fuses is the most used, strongest, and most earned hero on the team.

Crystallize Hero

When a traditional player buys a Hero in the HeroVerse app, the system will generate the corresponding NFT and save it on the game contract. After the traditional player creates 1 BSC wallet, they can use the Crystallize feature to get NFT back to their wallet and full access to the hero's functionality. Crystallize a hero requires HER as a payment fee.

Own a New Hero

There are 3 ways to get a hero:
  • Trading: you can use token HER to buy on the Marketplace.
  • Hero Box: you can luckily get a hero when you open the Hero Box.
  • Staking: you can get a hero reward by staking tokens (within first 10 days from the day the Staking campaign launches - this event has ended).