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Game Concept


The campaign is divided into chapters, each chapter is a location on the map consisting of many challenges and rewards hidden within. Players need to win at all milestones to complete a chapter and unlock the next ones.
Each chapter has diverse monsters, special bosses, and fascinating treasures for players to discover.
Campaign Mode

Daily Raid

After completing a chapter, bosses in that chapter will be unlocked. Every day players will have 1 chance to fight with a boss as they like. You will compete with other players to defeat the boss. The longer the players survive, the bigger the reward will be.
Daily Raid Mode


Tower Conquest is an arena where a player competes against five other players to reach the highest floor in the Tower and receive rewards.
  • There are two Towers: HER and HES.
  • Players have two turns to conquer the Tower per day.
  • Top players who finish first and fastest will be rewarded with special prizes.
Tower Mode

Hard mode

Besides the current battles, players will be challenged once again with Hard mode and earn more HES in the Campaign. Same battles but increase the difficulty, which generates double the fun.


Each arena season will last 30 days, players will compete against each other to increase their rank in the arena. The higher your rank, the bigger reward you get.
PvP Mode


A clan is an organized group of players that play together. Clan members will contribute to upgrading the clan. There will be skills that support the strength of all players in the clan.
Clan Maze is the maze that clan members need to fight together to unlock all the buttons.
Boss Clan: The clan's achievement will be the sum of all members' achievements. Compete with other clans for the highest rank.