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Low Inflation Rate

HeroVerse has two types of tokens: pre-minted tokens and unlimited tokens.
HER token is known as the governance token and pre-minted tokens of HeroVerse, which can be used for several purposes:
  • Governance (coming soon): Holders are essentially shareholders of HeroVerse and can therefore govern the project's future trajectory.
  • Staking, farming: Staking campaign V1 was closed. Players can stake Heroes & HER token with the Farming feature.
  • Payment: Playing HeroVerse partially requires HER (Crystallize hero fee, Tower Conquest entry fee, etc).
The number of pre-minted tokens released has been decided at the beginning of the project, which means there will not be any situation of issuing more tokens during the whole process that might lead to token inflation.
HER Token logo
HES token is known as unlimited tokens that users earn when they win each game and can be used in in-game transactions. However, the problem is that when users win so many games that the unlimited tokens exceed the controllable number. The HeroVerse Development Team has also prepared for that situation and developed the mechanism of using unlimited tokens for hero up-gradation, reducing the inflation rate in HES tokens.
HES Token
Besides, we also have a mechanism — the Upgrade System to manage the number of heroes. For example, to level up each hero’s strength, they need to go through an up-gradation process. The subsequent upgrade will cost more than the previous ones.
Therefore, it is only economical when players elevate heroes to a defined level or fuse an old hero to increase HES Bonus of the main heroes. This mechanism helps maintain the hero’s supply power and reduces the hero’s inflation rate and in-game inflation. Thus, the economy in the game always has a balance mechanism between the player and the number of heroes generated.