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Community Treasury

HeroVerse Community Treasury

Fees & Sales

All fees and direct sales from HeroVerse will be deposited in the Treasury, including:
  • 5% Marketplace fee (BNB)
  • 5% Tower Conquest entry fee (HER, HES)
  • Hero Box Sales Revenue (BUSD)
  • $HER Staking (HER)
You are able to track all activities from HeroVerse Community Treasury via the contract:
<Link will be updated later>

What is the Community Treasury used for?

The purpose of the Treasury is as follows:
  • Pay rewards from staking & farming
  • Buyback HER, HES
The size of the Treasury is associated with the development of the project. HER holders can then vote on how the treasury funds are used to build the future of the game (Governance).
HeroVerse Ecosystem
In general, new updates on the game economy benefit both existing and new players. For existing players, it helps to stable HER, HES; increase NFT liquidity and raise the number of game events. Likewise, new players can easily access the game and can convert themself to crypto-players at any time (for traditional players).